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National Endowment for the Arts, Photography, 1986, 1980, 1975

National Endowment for the Arts, Artist, 1979


Florsheim Fund for Purchase of Artist's Work, 1995

University Art Museum, Berkeley.

Louisiana Division of the Arts, Artist's Mini Grant, 1996

National Endowment for the Arts, Photography Publications, 1980 & 1981

(The Restless Decade)

National Endowment for the Arts, Photography Exhibition, 1980

(Photographs & Words), S F Museum of Modern Art

National Endowment for the Arts, Photography Publication, 1979

(Still Photography. The Problematic Model) NFS Press

Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art (SECA), 1976

(Photography & Language)


Printing Industries of America, Graphic Arts Award, 1974 & 1980

lio Liston Memorial Publications Award, Mills College and Western Association of Art Museums, 1974 (The Thinker )

Ellison Book Award, Design Citation ("harmony of text and format"), 1979

University of Cincinnati (Turtle: Poems: Book)

American Federation of Arts, Award of Excellence, catalog, 1989:

(Louisiana Artists' Pages: Love in the Ruins)


(1973 - 1995)

1995- Personal Pastime Hilderbrand Gallery, New Orleans

1995- Pictures from the Picture Book (catalog) Verin allerart, Austria

1992- Snap-On-Art Marguerite Oestreicher, New Orleans

1990- Domestic Photos of the 70s Arthur Roger Gallery, New Orleans

1989- My Movie Star Simonne Stern Gallery New Orleans

1988- I Have My Own Ideas Southern Illinois U., Carbondale,IL

1988- Doubling Graham Gallery, Houston, TX

1987- Pictures on Words Allen Street, Dallas, TX

1986- Untitled Artists League Texas, Abilene, TX

1986- VCR Film Stills Graham Gallery, Houston, TX

1986- Untitled Univ. of Texas Arlington, TX

1985- VCR Film Still Series Asher/Faure, Los Angeles, CA

1981- Installation: Vitruvian Context Ohio State Univ.Art, Columbus,OH

1980- Reproductions of Reproductions Center Creative Photography, AZ

1980- Bookspines Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1980- Bookspines Asher/Faure, Los Angeles, CA

1980- Installation: Vitruvian Contex Zriny Hayes, Chicago, IL

1979- Scale (poster) Washington Project for the Arts, D.C.

1979- Bibliography(s) Lawson deCelle, San Francisco, CA

1976- Vitruvian Context: 1482-1976 San Jose State Univ. Art Gallery, CA

1976- The Photographic Works William Sawyer Gallery, S.F. CA

1976- Outside/inside (poster) The Coffee Gallery, S.F. CA

1975- Bracketing Darkroom Workshop, Berkeley, CA

1975- 8 x 10 (catalog) Mills College Art Gallery, Oakland, CA

1974- 8 x 10 Lamkin Camerawork, S.F. CA

1974- Photographic Corners San Francisco Art Institute. S.F. CA

1973- Photography of Ennui deSaisset Art Gallery, University of Santa Clara


(selected 1970 -2002)

2002- Picturing Modernity San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

2001- Recent Acquisitions (Three Circles) S.F.Museum of Modern Art

2001- Post Modern Americans Menil Collection, Houston, TX

1998- Photography After Modernism S.F. Museum of Modern Art

1996- 7 Strangers Faure Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

1994- Dialogues with Photography (catalog) Henry Art Gallery Seattle, WA

1994- Picasso to Christo Santa Barbara Museum of Art, CA

1993- Multiple Images Since 1965 Museum of Modern Art, New York

1993- Cast in Glass Gallery 1/0, New Orleans, LA

1993- Sprung in Dei Zeit (Jump Into Time) (catalog) Berlinische Galerie, Berlin

1992- Crowning Achievements S.F. International Airport S.F., CA

1991- Object and Image Menil Collection, Houston, TX

1991- Murdering Representation X-ART &Glass Works, New Orleans, LA

1991- Off the Canvas Asher/Faure, Los Angeles, CA

1990- Crossing the Line: Word & Image Montgomery Art Museum, Pomona, CA

1990- Big Pictures: Large-Scale Photography in Calif. Mills College, Oakland, CA

1989- 150 Years of Photography Oliver Art Center College Art & Crafts, CA

1987- Third Coast: Texas Art (catalog) Aspen Art Center Aspen, CO

1987- Found Diverseworks Houston, TX

1987- Photography & Technology Houston Center for Photography, TX

1987- Photography & Art Since 1945 Los Angeles County Museum of Art,, CA

1986- Black, White & Color (poster) Diverseworks, Houston, TX

1986- Stills: Cinema & VideoTransformed Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA

1984- Photography in California since 1945 S.F. Museum of Modern Art

1983- Big Pictures by Contemporary Photographers (catalog) MOMA, New York

1982- 20th Century Photography from MOMA Collection Seibu, Tokyo, Japan

1982-Target Three: In Sequence (catalog) Museum of Fine Arts Houston, TX

1981- Photographs & Words( catalog) San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

1981- Erweiterte Fotographi (catalog) 5 lnternationle Wien, Austria

(Extended Photography) Biennale Weiner Secession

1980- Absage An Das Einzeiblid (catalog) Folkwang Museum Fotogrfische

Sammlung Essen, West Germany

1979- San Francisco Texas Contemporary Art Museum, Fort Worth TX

and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

1978- Global Passport (catalog) San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

1978- Mirrors & Windows (catalog) Museum of Modern Art ,New York, NY

1977- West Coast Conceptual Photography (catalog) LaMamelle, S.F. CA

1976- Photography And Language (catalog) CameraWork, San Francisco, CA

1974- New Photography: SF & Bay Area (catalog) M.H. deyoung Museum, CA

1972- Portfolios and Series Oakland Art Museum, Oakland, CA

1970- San Francisco Art InstituteCentennial Exhibition (catalog), S.F. CA


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The Body Photographic, 1995, Editor, CAC, New Orleans

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Lies and More Lies: Photography of Representation, 1989, CAC

Not for the Livingroom, 1986, Curator & Editor, Diverseworks, Houston, TX

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Editor, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York

The Restless Decade, 1986 (REPRINT), Harry N. Abrams, Inc.,

Photographs & Words, 1981, Artforum (Summer Issue), New York

Still Photography: The Problematic Model, 1981, NFS Press, S.F. CA

Pages From A Child's Documentary, 1980, NFS Press, S.F. CA

18th near Castro Street X 24, 1979, Editor, NFS Press, San Francisco

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Structuralism & Photography, 1977, Author, NFS Press, San Francisco

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Photography & Language, 1976, Editor, NFS Press, San Francisco

8 x 10, 1975, Author, NFS Press, San Francisco

The Thinker, 1974, Author, The Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco


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