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Lew Thomas is co-founder of NFS PRESS, San Francisco, 1976, with Donna-Lee Phillips. Selected titles published between 1976 & 1981 include: Photography and Language, 1976, Eros And Photography, 1977, Structural(ism) and Photography, 1978, and Still Photography: The Problematic Model (co-editor, Peter D'Agostino).

Lew Thomas and ZackThe four publications provided visual space and text for more than 100 photographers, artists and writers. The books were characterized by their uncompromising essays that included: "Photography and Language" by James Hugunin; "Ontology of the Snapshot" by Robert Leverant; "Reinventing Documentary" by Allan Sekula; "The Cycolograph and Work Motion Model" by Bruce Kaiper; "John Heartfield" by Doug Kahn; "Gay Semiotics" by Hal Fisher.

Some of the photographers represented in the four books: Peter Joel Witkin, John Gutmann, Fred Lonidier, Victor Landweber, Bart Parker, Carl Loefler, Lutz Bacher, Jim Melchert, John Baldessari, Robert Heinecken, Cindy Sherman, Ellen Brooks, Barbara Kruger, Antonio Muntadas, Reese Williams, Dennis Adams, Adolfo Nodal, Barbara Jo Revelle, Larry Sultan / Mike Mandel, Donna-Lee Phillips and Lew Thomas.

Former visual arts curator from 1989 to 1995 for the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans, Lew Thomas is currently director of the Stan Rice Gallery in New Orleans.

Though Lew Thomas works in New Orleans, he maintains a residence in San Francisco.